Selina – Single Mother Of 2 Looking for A Moment Boyfriend- Willing to stay with Me – 18 and above

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Good day I hope you are enjoying – This Covid 19 time is almost over. I am willing and ready to meet you. I am here to confirm that I really love you and I am ready to meet a good boy like you. In addition to the above I would like to mention all I am ready to give you if you love me.

You are also seeing pictures of other ladies – if you admire them please click the picture to see more about them. I also want to assist you to prove that I am the best of them all. Below are all my promises to you if you love me with all your heart.

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  1. I will offer you a good job for you to get a good life. That is you will earn more than ever if you love me.
  2. All your fees will be paid if you are at school – that is all you needs will be covered, from fees pocket money and so forth.
  3. Bills and food will be settled and now i will take care of you family. Don’t worry about any of the problems I will sponsor.
  4. You will drive a best car ever on earth. You choose what you feel is the best and I buy for you my man.

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I don’t have any doubt that if you come here you need my Whatsapp number or a direct call. So that we can meet. To get my number I need to test if you are very serious and lovely. I have posted my Whatsapp number on my SATESPACE account. You need to be on SATESPACE so that you see my number. To Join Please follow this Button below to Get on SATESPACE

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After Clicking you will see where to fill all your details. That is you need to add your name and surname. You need to create a good profile. All these must be real names so that you attract me.

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To add on to the above – please add your profile picture and cover photo as well. I also want to know where you work and your place.

After all the above you need to search for Selina – if your account is fully furnished you will get me instantly. If you cant find Selina it means you have left something.

Only that you will get my Whatsapp number and enjoy – I am looking forward to meet you and stay with you. Please make sure we meet soon after lock down.

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How to get direct Whatsapp Number If you are given A link Like this.

Firstly you need to click every picture you saw on this post check. Follow the link properly and fill in all your details correctly.

If you are not satisfied please go to the park for free Wi-Fi. Sit down And Browse well.

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