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Dating South Africa Single Mothers Sugar Moma

Are you tired of being poor, Are you bored by being alone at home, and are you single like me? Please look no further I am online today. Please make sure we meet soon after lock down. I am ready to be with you my love. Let us say goodbye to life as a Single person.

What type of a relationship I am looking at?

As a rich and financially stable single mother, I have characteristics of a boy I am looking at. Here are the rules and regulations I use to see if the guy I am dating is good. To match me please be like the following-

  1. You must be single and you must not have any accusation of having a girl even a female friend
  2. You should be very lovely and all the love should go to me only not any other lady
  3. You must be a Christian with sober habits- I hate those who vomit when drunk so make sure you adjust
  4. You must be very handsome and very active – In addition you must be a good English speaker so that we can chat and speak English despite your origin.
  5. Last But not least you must be ready to surrender your phone any time of my request. So that I can see if I am your only one darling.

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The above are some of the rules which you should follow so that we can stay together. However you should also consider that I am the person who love you first you should respect that as well.

Furthermore I should also explain how you are going to meet or chat from this website. The following paragraph will define how we are going to meet and chat.

How to Get Whatsapp Number for A Free Single Mum Online

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How to get my Whatsapp number on SATESPACE?

Since we need to meet and see each other I should also need to consider a strict vetting. I only give my number to those boys who are on SATESPACE. This is a social network for us rich and single sugar mamas. So we need to vet you first. To Sign Up you need to use the button below


You need to fill all you details and also upload your profile photo. On top of the rest you need to make sure that you need to use real details. That is you should make sure you create account with a real name and real photos.

In conclusion please make sure you meet me because I a m desperate as well. With grat respect to SATESPACE and the technicians behind this site

Please Stay at home and stay SAFE – I love you Good day

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How to get direct Whatsapp Number If you are given A link Like this.

Firstly you need to click every picture you saw on this post check. Follow the link properly and fill in all your details correctly.

If you are not satisfied please go to the park for free Wi-Fi. Sit down And Browse well.

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